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Hello! We currently have SunTuff, corrugated panels that attach with screws, over our outdoor patio. It hasn't weathered well, and now we're looking at upgrading to something...aluminum or metal, we're just beginning our research. The deck cover has practically zero pitch, and is attached to the house. We don't want to redo the cover. My question for this panel is...can we put a new roof, with a noise-preventing insulation, over the existing deck cover (wood slats) ourselves? Do any of the manufacturers have kits? We did the SunTuff ourselves. The biggest problem was the lack of pitch, and we want this installation to be more professional looking, with less make shift 'grading'...short of contracting this out, we're tech savvy enough to work with a kit. Thanks MConway
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1-pull the fiber panels off, 2 if the frame is wood, don't excede 2 ftspacing between wood purlins. purlins should run 90 degree to metal ribs. 3- replace with "white" 29 or 26gauge low rib with 3 ft net width coverage. never use nails, (screws only)4- check local wind loads, you may need 26 gauge material. 5- anything other than white will be too hot to sit under. Wheeling Corrugating makes a panel called Century Drain that will do the trick. They have a how to section on their web page. Once again never use nails. Don forget to remove the Sun Tuff.9x1 or 10x1 wood binder screws with 1/4" head will work.
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