Ice dams and leaks, but it's insulated

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We had a 3-12 roof on a prefab home. Always had terrible leaks. 20 years ago, we raised the roof and have a metal roof. The snow used to slide off, no problem This winter, we are having ice dams and ice cycles on the windows and sills and leaking into the downstairs. The attic looks fine. The insulation on the floor still looks good. We were thinking of putting some sort of insulation on the inside of the roof as obviously heat is getting lost to melt the snow. My research seems to indicate that you would only put insulation on the inner roof if you lived in a warm climate. Also, do metal roofs wear out after while and you need to paint them or put something on them to make the snow slide again?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The snow sliding does not have much to do with the paint finish. Typically the snow slides as soon as radiant heat from the sun passes through the snow and warms the metal as bit. In your case, yes, I think you have heat escaping that is causing a problem. Insulating the bottom side of the roof deck could be good provided you use an insulation that will not allow moisture through it. Otherwise, you will be setting yourself up for condensation issues. Do you have attic ventilation?
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