Replacing steel roof that was blown off

Guest User
Old steel roof of garage was applied right over plywood under previous owner. Most of one side blew off this past holiday season. There were 'soft' patches in the plywood, I guess due to the old installation not breathing. Can we apply strapping over the existing ply and re-roof, or do we need to remove the plywood? At what spacing does the strapping need to be? Also, I have seen some steel roofing that comes in long horizontal panels, like siding, in commercial applications, that looks like it would be easier to install. What is it called? I haven't been able to find any references to it on the 'web. TIA
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
As far as your questions about strapping ... completely dependent upon what type of metal roof you choose. The previous problems were probably more the result of improper ventilation and lack of underlayment than anything. Bermuda style roofing is one name for the continuous horizontally run product.
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