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Is there a way to stop the frost from forming on a low sloping metal roof at night and early morning. With warmer day temperatures vs. the colder night temperatures coupled with the humidity fluctuation here in Colorado this building gets a light coating of frost and then melts during the day. The downspouts run a small amount of water. Then the water freezes on the concrete pavement and is causing a scaling effort and with major damage to the paving. Concrete only has so many freeze/thaw cycles it can hold up against and this frost problem is maxing out the life of the concrete paving in less than a few years. We haven`t had any snow in 6 weeks at this location but the downspouts still put water out on the pavement. (Note: there are no condensate issues inside the building). A real "stumper"?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There is probably little you can do. Insulating the underside of the roof or roofdeck might potentially help a little but you would not want to altar the building's ventilation. Also, I am not sure it would help much.
Aaron Scurlock
The Best in Polymer Roofing Soutions
Unless the water is getting into the concrete via a crack, then it shouldn't be an issue.
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