Standing seam "oil canning" atop shingles

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I have three contractors bidding to install standign seam over shingles. Two use Unioncorrugating; one uses McElroy. Questions: 1. Can/should standing seam be installed over shingles? One says it is ok; the other says I will get "oil canning" effect. 2.) McElroy contractor says he buys metal from McElroy and cuts it on site, equivalent to "Meridian?" Is this common? 3.)Any comments on Unioncorrugating as a metal roof company?
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
1) Going over old shingles can cause oilcanning. It depends a lot upon how uneven the shingles are and how careful the installers are. 2) This is not uncommon ... you may want to make sure the metal is indeed from McElroy. 3) Union has been around a long time. Much more important than manufacturer name is often the paint finish and metal quality and the installation.
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