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My home has one layer of asphalt roofing about 15 years old. While it really does not need reroofing yet, I am considering refinancing while interest rates are low to reroof and do some other repairs. My house is small, but the roof is complex. It is a 1 1/2 story house and the roof has five gables and two chimneys. I would like to have a copper-colored roof. I would have it done professionally. Is the vertical panel generally the least expensive of the roofing styles? And would one of the other styles of roofing save installation time seeing as how it is a complicated roof?
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Many types of metal roofing offer a copper color. Often, they have choices of bright copper or copper with a patina. The bright copper choices are usually metallics which carry an extra cost. It is against our anti-trust guidelines for the Metal Roofing Alliance to discuss pricing issues. However, I will say that pricing of metal roofing covers a wide spectrum. Typically, through-fastened "sheet style" roofing is low end and then you move into some of the shingle facsimile products as well as true standing seam products. Complex roofs require flashing and time regardless of the roof installed. This would include metal roofs of all types plus any other type of roofing as well. I would certainly look for an experienced installer. Go see jobs they have done and talk to the installers. Inquire as to how they were trained in metal roofing. Talk to the manufacturer and ask them what thye know about the installer. My suggestion is to use the MRA website to choose some roofing products you like and then talk to the manufacturers who can help you from their with cost comparisons, technical details, possible installer names, etc.
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