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How hot does a tin roof get when its 80 degrees outside?
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Thats a tough question. Is the panel rated energy star, is the panel in direct sunlight. I dont think there is an accurate temp. The best preformance will come from an energy star panel wich the paint pigments are designed to reflect the heat even in darker colors
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If it is cloudy on an 80 degree day, then the metal will be 80 degrees. If the sun is out, then it depends on what part of the roof you want a temperature on. In direct sunlight, it will be higher than 80 degrees, in indirect light, it could be higher but it depends on the angle of the roof to the sun, the amount of wind and probably a couple of other things.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
yes, it depends on many things. I would say a max rooftop temp tho could be 140 degrees or maybe a bit more.
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