Condensation In Metal Horse Barn

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We have a 3 yr old 36x60 Metal Pole Barn. It has 12' doors on each end as well as 3 turbine vents in the roof. It also has a vapor barrier layer on the roof.No ceiling, just open to roof. Dirt floor. Every winter when it gets cold/frosty it "rains" in our barn in the morning. I also store hay in the barn which gets ruined by the moisture so I have tried covering it with clear plastic this year. What can we do to combat this? We are in a very damp climate. It doesnt seem to matter if I leave the doors open or shut at night to help with airflow. Even when the horses are not in the barn it is still bad. In the late evenings I can see the water forming on the vapor barrier.Isn't the VB suppused to help prevent this? Any thoughts,... Insulation? Thankyou! Jessica
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