ice build up on roof of 2 storey house with dormers

jocelyn ledger
we have ice build up on the eave of the house. we had the house resided with extra insulation and vents. The upstairs bedrooms are cold. We have heat loss , causing the ice build up. We want to put on a metal roof. Do we strap the existing roof (old shingles) or can we put down 2" THICK STYROFOAM SHEETS on the existing shingles then STRAPPING THEN THE METAL ROOF with CONTINUOUS RIDGE VENT? Will this warm our upstairs and can this be done ? Or is it to much?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
What you are suggesting could be done but the exact engineering of it will depend heavily upon what type of metal roof you select. I would advise you use this site to find a product or products you like and then contact their manufacturers to figure out the details of your application.
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