Kevin Carpenter
Go Greater Prairie Chicken!
We are building a "basement house" to spend weekends in that will eventually have a log home built on the foundation. This is 190 miles from our normal home, so we have been very dependant on local contractors. The basement is poured, subfloor in, and an agricultural truss 4/12 roofing frame screwed on (we plan on removing this roof and reusing it for a equipment barn when we raise the house proper). Alas, when I went and visited the site this weekend, I saw the color of the structural tin. We had expressed a desire for a bright, deep blue - like on the Pepsi can or informational signs on the highway. What we got was a grey with a tint of blue in it. Alas, it was all custom cut tin, so we own all $3000 of it. The lumber yard that sold it to us informed us it was the only blue they had. *sigh* Now we have to figure out what to do. We don't want to live with this color. Best I can figure, we either have to paint it, or use it elsewhere on the farm and buy something else. SO... Recommendations for a paint that can be tinted a solid blue color? Recommendations for replacement structural metal that runs about $2/sq ft that comes in a solid blue color? Naturally, everything on this project is coming in higher than expected, so money is tight (not $100's tight, but $1000's tight). Thanks! Kevin
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You can go to a quality paint store such as Sherwin Williams and use the paint system they suggest or you can contact the roofing manufacturer to see if they can help you get air-dry Kynar / Hylar. Blues are hard colors to hold color in. The Kynar / Hylar will hold color better than what you would get at SW but it will also be much more costly.
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