Joining an asphalt roof with a metal roof

Guest User
Hi, We replaced the front half of the roof on our cape last year with asphalt shingles. The back half of the roof is rather low pitched and is having some leaking, ice damming and durability problems. What we'd really like to do is roof the back half with corrugated (or other inexpensive metal - the roof is impossible to see from the ground). So my big question is: Is it possible to join metal and asphalt at the ridge of our roof? It is a fairly uncomplicated roof - no hips, etc. If possible we'd like to consider DIY. Thanks.
Nate Libbey
Yes you can. Basically you will install the metal roofing, then cap it off with a ridge cap which will go over both the metal side and the shingles side. See the attached drawing. Some types of metal roofing will have a little different type of ridge, but its all the same concept. Make sure to check with the exact manufacturer of the product you choose to see how their ridges work. With the low pitch, you might want to also consider installing ice and water shield as an extra layer of protection before you put down the metal panels.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Nate.
Guest User
that was done on my house (assume the ridge is the metal?) However, the color is lighter looking on the ridge. Can you put shingle caps over the metal? Roofer said no. Why?
Guest User
When going from front of the house (shingles) to back of the house (metal) you use a cap over the two different materials. What happens if you have a semi-detached bungalow and he has shingles and you want to install metal, is this possible?
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