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I have recently (less than 45 days) installed a new standing seam copper roof. The roof is a 2/12 pitch shed roof on the North side of the house. The shed roof meets the second floor wall of the house. On the wall are new painted cedar shutters. The shutters have both painted cast aluminum and painted steel hardware on them. Above the wall is a new slate roof. The copper roof is getting a black stain on it. The stains seam to be coming from the shutters. There are "runs" in each pan where there are shutters above and a general blackish stain over the rest of the roof. What is causing the staining? Can the stains be cleaned? (It looks to me that something is reacting with the metal, the stains do not rub off.) Will the stains fade over time as the copper turns?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This is natural oxidation of the copper I believe. it is being accelerated in areas where water, dirt, and perhaps other chemicals are collecting and running.
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