Galvalume Constantly Leaking

jennifer lee
Hi, I have Galvalume (clear finish) on my 12:12 pitch roof and it is contstantly leaking in random locations. It has exposed fasteners which the contractor has checked numerous times. It is also leaking around the flashing/chimney. We replaced the ridge cap etc. My question is do they make a sealant that I can try around the flashing/fasteners? I contacted the dealer where I bought the metal and they advised me they didn't know of anything (and asked me not to call again -my roof's been leaking for 4 yrs so I'm a little upset). My next resort is ripping it off and going to a composition roof. I'm very frustrated. Thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would suggest a butyl sealant. Feel free to email pics of the roof to me. [email protected] Has the manufacturer come to see the roof?
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