Using a metal roof to support a solar photo-voltaic electical system

Suzanne Villar
I'm planing a new home in the Austin, TX area that will have a traditional home facade but will incorporate many green features, including a photo-voltaic grid-tied solar energy system. I intend to include a Uni-Solar or similar photo-voltaic system (peel and stick on a standing seam metal roof) on the back/southern slope of the roof. Roof design will be a simple gable roof with ridge oriented East - West so that the back slope of the roof faces south, northern slope faces the street. Challenge: Since the style of the home is "traditional" metal SHINGLE roofing would be more appropriate for the "look" and curb appeal of the house. Question: Since this is a simple gable roof, is it possible to use standing seam roofing on the back slope,and metal "shingle" profile material on the front? The only area the two materials would meet would be along the ridge line. Is there a way to construct a ridge cap that will effectively handle both types of roofing materials? What issues might this cause that I should be prepared to address and discuss with my builder?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Sure, that is possible. I would suggest capping it off with a custom flashing and then the ridge caps to match the shingle profile. The manufacturer of the shingle system should be able to help with this.
Guest User
Thanks so much.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You are welcome.
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