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My new roof makes entirely too much noise when the wind blows. What could cause this? Clips too far apart? Ridge too far apart? What is the standard for distance between clips? ridge? (2-3 ft?) How do i tell how far apart mine are without removing my roof? I know that I more than likely did not use the correct terminology, but any help is greatly appreciated.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Fastening clip spacing is determined by the exact profile of roof you have and the wind load requirements in your area. The roofing manufacturer should be able to help track this down. Generally, though, clip spacing will be from 12" - 24". Depending upon the length of the fasteners, you might see them penetrating through the decking to determine spacing. You can also sometimes pull upward on the seam and find where clips are at based upon how tight it feels. Wind could be getting underneath the panels at the bottom if the eave detail does not involve bending the bottom of the panel over the drip edge or sealing between the metal roof and the drip edge metal. I strongly advise tracking down the manufacturer of the roofing and asking them about these issues.
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