life expectancy and anti-rust

walker bernays
Permaculture consultant
Hello, I'm hoping to put a metal roof that's not at least twice as much as asphalt tile. I've found corrugated metal to be alot cheaper, but can't figure out why it's not used more. Can you direct me to some styley photos of modern homes done in corrugated metal? Some have written that it doesn't last as long because of exposed fasteners and joints, but then I read about 100 yr old roofs on homes on the east coast. What's your idea's on life expectancy? I've read that zincalum corrugated metal might be more durable, but that was in Australia. Is this a special product. Is there a metal composition I should be looking for when searching out a cheap, durable, green roofing material. Low expectations right?;-).. Is there any metal roofing you've heard of contaminating rainwater collected for watering gardens and showering? thanks, walker
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are many photos on this website of through-fastened roofs. Also, if you contact the manufacturers, they can provide more photos. Life expectancy can be good provided the product is made from quality steel, and installed properly. Areas prone to a salt environment or acid rain may be more challenging. I do not know of any stories of contaminated rainwater for the purposes you stated.
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