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I jus had a ribbed metalroof installed and I now see the contractor sealed the seams with what appears to be silicone. Also I noticed the ridge vent does not have the foam in all the openings. He said they should have some openings without foam. I don't believe this. Also they didn't put anything under the soffit ends so bugs and dirt can get under the sheating. Is this correct? Seems to me these are perfect holes for wasps to nest. Is is a recommended to have this seal?? Also should there have been water and ice damn installed on the roof edge?? Living in Illinois we get lots of snow and ice. Seems I may have problems in the future. Did I get a bad job????
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Building code in your area may require ice and watershield. I am not sure why they would have sealed the seams. There should be foam closures available for the eave. As far as the ridge, without knowing what exactly was done, I cannot help on that. Have you contacted the manufacturer of the roofing to see if they can help?
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By seams I meant where the ridge caps meet the roofing on two gables we had added to the house.The roof on these does not go all the way to the top of the main roof line. Also around the vents they sealed with a sealant instead of using a boot. Maybe a picture would help. If they used silicone will it last very long? I thought I read somewhere that there is a longer lasting sealant for metal roofs.
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I have similar concerns. for example, where the metal soffit meets the stucco it seems that insects or rodents could get in. are there specs on the size of gaps between materials. I also see issues where the metal meets parapets.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
A butyl sealant would probebly be preferable to silicone.
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I read someplace in this where there was another rubber tape that was ok to use. I can't find it. can you tell me what it is?
Beverly Kyer
Where can I get the foam closures? were they supposed to be installed when the roof was installed? I have ice dam and it is freezing into the grooves of the metal, and causing leaks, I also have a gutter there with a gutter guard, al freezing with the ice dam... what is the best solution? If I fill the grooves with spray foam will that work or should the gutters be removed?
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
Any time you have concerns such as those listed above, contact the panel manufacturer. If you don't know who manufactured the roof panels, then seek a qualified metal installer, preferrably one that is an MRA member.
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