I believ putting down 1x4's over shingles is a waste of time and money. What do you think?

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I've heard people say the panels need an airflow under them. I have so many people ask me about this so I would like to hear what some other people have to say or some articles about this subject. I'm mostly installing 26 & 29 ga. multi rib panels in this location. Thanks for your input.
Nate Libbey
This is my opinion. Your best bet is to ask the manufacturer of your particular product. The 1x4s can serve several purposes: 1. They do allow for airflow as you mentioned. 2. They protect the backside of the metal panels from the rough surface of the shingles. Metal roofing expands and contracts as it gets cooler and hotter, and if you don't have something between it and the shingles, it will wear away at the coatings on the bottom side. 3. If you have some uneven spots on the roof, the 1x4s can be used to even it out, often with the help of shims. Many manufacturers require that you have something between the old shingles and the new metal roofing. This can be either 1x4s or 30 lb felt. 30lb felt does have some advantages over 1x4s: 1. Its often less expensive 2. Its faster to install 3. It creates a more solid roof because you don't have the spaces in between the 1x4s. Again some of this is product specific so you might want to ask the manufacturer of your specific product how they reccomend it be done.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Nate.
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