new standing seam metal roof and noise

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I just bought a house that was recently built. The house has a standing seam tin roof. The roof makes a ton of noise when the wind blows and makes it almost unbearable to live in. My question is how far apart should the tin be at the top from ridge to ridge? I only ask this question because I have heard that the particular contractor on this roof has a habit of placing the metal too far apart at the ridges in order to conserve supplies. Is there a standard and if there is what is it? Does this depend on the angle or pitch of the roof? Thanks for your responses.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
On most applications, some sort of ridge cap and closure should be installed at the ridge. There are different designs for this which vary from product to product. Generally, the ridge cap should extend over the metal by one inch or more and there should be a metal or foam closure closing off the voids created underneath the ridge cap by the profile of the metal roofing panel. I really suggest tracking down the manufacturer of your roofing and posing these questions to them. We can give you some general answers on this board but it is impossible to be real exact or specific without knowing more about the roof panel you have.
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