lead coated copper or Terne coated steel

Bill Ducharme
Construction Document Consulting
I have a question about a couple of standing seam roof materials being installed in connection with hard coat stucco and pre-cast concrete materials. The roofing was originally spec'ed as "lead coated" copper. But some concern arose over the use of lead-coated copper in connection with cementitious stucco and limestone details on the home. Since then the details became pre-cast concrete rather than limestone. But is the lead coated copper and the cementitious stucco of any concern? Will the copper discolor the stucco. And what about the use of lead coated copper in connection with pre-cast concrete details? Will the flashing dis-color the details? Has anyone ever used or recommended Terne coated steel flashing and roofing? What is the difference in terms of performance or interaction if you compare the two materials?
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