metal roof on mobile home with 2x2's

Brad Hall
I have a 2000 28x56 mobile home with 2x2's for the trusses now and want to know about putting a metal roof on it. How well does the tin lay down when the roof is a little wavy? It has shingles on it now but looks a little wavy and I thought the tin would help strengthen it if anything or would the metal way more than the shingles there now?
Nate Libbey
some types of metal roofing do better when the roof is wavy. You might want to consider a vertical panel type system over 1x4 lathing strips. These strips can be shimmed to reduce the waviness. That being said, depending on how wavy it is, you might still see some waviness in the panels. Metal roofing is lightweight, usually adding 1-2 lbs / sq foot to the roof. You might want to find out the weight capacity for the mobile home, then figure out what weight it already has on it.
Guest User
It is a dutch and I called them but they couldn't give me any information at all.
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