Installing Additional Roof Vents on Existing Standing Seam Roof

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Hello, I have a hip roof structure with a standing seam metal roof. Cross venting for the attic space has been accomplished through perforated aluminum soffits around the entire perimeter. We've actually achieved more free flow venting than required by Code but are still having ice damning problems at the wall/roof intersection areas. We've checked to make sure that insulation is not blocking the venting path and have determined that this is not the issue. Kimberley, BC has extreme temperature fluctuations and can only guess that we require more venting than currently being provided. That being said, we are now faced with either installing a ridge vent throughout the roof (an extremely costly endeavor) or installing several roof vents. Installing individual roof vents would require removing existing panels, cutting through the roof sheathing, waterproofing and re-installing and new panel with the corresponding hole for the vent. How efficient and effective is this last strategy? Are there any other alternatives that you can suggest that are easy and more cost effective? Regards, Dave McGrath
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Ridge vent will be your most effectiv and economical way to go probably.
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