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I had a new home built with a metal roof. The contract called for it to be installed on 1"x4" two feet apart. However, they installed the 1"x4" four feet apart and I have had a number of leaks. Their fix was to put caulking down where it leaked. The contractor says it is okay to install on 4' centers. The rafters or what ever they are called are 16" apart and the main part of the roof is 12/10 pitch and the rest of it covering the porch on 3 sides is a very small pitch. How far apart should the 1"x4" be or what is the national standard or manufactures recommendations? I am not happy with the installation or the contractors answers and fixes.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Soory you have run into difficulty. The first thing you should do is identify the manufacturer and get his opinion. Next is you should contact the home designer or the building department to ensure that the trusses are designed to have concentrated loads that far apart. There are many industrial systems that are designed to span 4ft however they sure do not need caulking to make them work. There are few residential systems that I am aware of designed to span that distance and most building codes call for a moisture barrier underlay unless tested otherwise. Your last resource is to look up with the major product aproval bodies to see if the roof has been tested and approved for that type of construction. Our company as example carries product approvals with ICBO, SBCCI and Dade County Fl to name the major ones. One you identify the manufacturer you can go to their web sites and look them up. Hope this helps.
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