Diverter to protect wood stove pipe on standing seam roof

Guest User
The wood stove pipe is around 28 feet from the peak of the standing seam roof and about 8 feet from the bottom; the problem is all 3 winters with standing seam we have dealt with leaks and breaks around the pipe (last winter the wood stove pipe tore off and crashed with an avalanche). The roofing contractor has done small things to only procrastinate the problem. He also told me that I should have told a contractor to build it up behind the pipe before he put the roof in. HELP! Is there some type of ‘pyramid’ that can be added to the roof (rather than tear up and start that area over) to divert snow/ice away from the pipe? We put standing seam in so we wouldn’t have to shovel snow. I’m a little concerned about another contractor’s recommendation to put a series of rails in—due to the accumulative snow build up and weight on this contemporary designed house. Shoveling is dangerous in the winter! THANKS!
Nate Libbey
Mary, You might want to try a Vent Saver snow diverter. Other companies may have them as well, but one place you can get them is from SnoBlox. Check out: http://snoblox-snojax.com/metal-roof-snow-guard/snow-guards-8.html (copy and paste the link into your top address bar)
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Nate.
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