Bob Trottier
I have an existing garage, that had a lean 2 attached to it. We removed lean 2 and built a permanent building. The garage roof is fine excellent pitch but addition has a very slight pitch and ice builds up at the top of the roof where the bottom of the garage roof and the addition roof joins it. Anything we can spray on roof or something we can have done so that is does not get a chance to freeze up and cause ice build up. Ended up with about 3 ft of snow on small roof last year and had to go break ice and remove snow fearing the roof would cave in. Can't do that again this year, as I just broke my arm and will be unable to do much of anything. can you advice me. thanks,Bob
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am sorry. I am not aware of any coating to help. Heat tape may be worth consideration.
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