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that a 26 guage coated steel would have over aluminum. I want to use aluminum for my front porch, but I am having contractors try to sell me steel because it is less and "aluminum isnt very durable". What are some of the pros and cons of both? Thanks!
Nate Libbey
Disclaimer: I don't know as much about the aluminum roofing. I've seen it used, but never used it personally. Aluminum is softer than steel, but I know of many buildings that have had aluminum roofing on them for years and done fine. You would want to be a little more careful on aluminum when walking on it. For aluminum shingles some companies have foam backer inserts to give rigidity to high travel roof areas so that they don't dent when you walk on them. One advantage aluminum has is that it will never rust. Most steel roofs have zinc-aluminum or zinc coatings, primer, than multiple layers of paint to prevent corrosion, but if you scratch through all that it can begin to rust. The zinc coating to a point will help recoat it a little, but there is still the possibility of rust. I know Todd Miller knows more about the aluminum, so he'll probably be able to give you more details on them.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Nate did a great job. I can show you steel roofs that are 80 years old and I can show you aluminum roofs that are 80 years old.
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