Repair Before Install Over Shingles

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I am installing low-ridge panels on 1X4 battens on 24" centers over asphalt shingles (2 layers) . Previous water damage requires replacing (3) 4X8 sheets of plywood and I am applying felt over these replacement panels. I am looking for suggestions on proper way to level battens on repaired area with the battens which are attached over original shingled area. Was planning on shimming with additional ?X4 of a thickness equal to the removed shingles. Is this acceptable or is there a more proper method ? Other than damaged area, the roof appears level and true. Note: Removal of all old shingles is NOT an option due to cost.
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Floyd, What you're doing is fine. I would make sure my shims are over the rafter and not just over the deck inbetween the rafters. Probably the easiest way to level your 1x4 is with a string line. [email protected]
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Wade
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