How do you choose - aluminum or steel?

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HELP! I've got about 5 quotes for re-roofing my commerical building (pitched roof). 4 are from steel and one is from aluminim. I like the colour selection and style available from the aluminum roof guy. BOTH sides came in and bad-mouthed the other - the aluminum guy says the steel roof chalks up and the paint flakes... the steel guys say aluminum is too soft, etc. I just want to invest in a roof once and forget it.. Advice? Thanks, Fred Gordon
Nate Libbey
Disclaimer: I don't know as much about the aluminum roofing. I've seen it used, but never used it personally. That being said, the paint on a steel roof will not chalk or flake any differently than that on a aluminum roof. It is all about the type of paint used. There are different types of paint. Some do better than other types. Look for a siliconized polyester paint system for better fade and chalk resistance. Aluminum is softer than steel, but I know of many buildings that have had aluminum roofing on them for years and done fine. You would want to be a little more careful on aluminum when walking on it. For aluminum shingles I know some companies have foam backer inserts to give rigidity to high travel roof areas.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would take a look at paint systems, panel profiles (do the manufacturers approve them for your project?) and installer quality.
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Hello Put a Edco arrowline steel roof on my home last year, super happy. Gary
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks for your input.
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