Asphalt prices vs Metal prices

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Need to re-roof my home and have been researching cost. I found that Asphalt prices have skyrocketed and were rising approx 10% per month. I began to research metal roofing, expecting that the metal price would appear more affordable, but was told that Metal roofing systems have risen almost as much. I can understand some of the increase due to transportation costs, but do not understand why metal would rise as much as the petroleum base product. Can you provide any more information?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The price of our primary raw materials -- steel, aluminum, copper, zinc -- have risen dramatically over the past couple of years, driven largely by foreign demand which has been driven by the weaker US dollar. Additionally, coating costs have risen, fueled by oil costs. In my experience, though, the price increases on metal have not been as frequent nor as dramatic as they have been with fiberglass shingles.
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