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I've gotten a couple of estimates for a new metal roof, and the quotes are way higher than other folks in my neighborhood have paid in years past. Maybe the price has just skyrocketed, but I was wondering if a roof was something you were expected to haggle over, like when you buy a new car. Do most roofers quote an inflated price, and you have to dicker with them, or is it usually take it or leave it?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Different companies will price differently. However, you may sometimes find that the companies that do things right -- proper insurances, qualified and skilled installers, knowledgable team members, etc. -- will have the highest prices and will be the straightest shooters as far as giving their best price upfront. Check references, talk to past customers, go see jobs installed by the crew that will install your roof. Also, yes, metal prices have gone up significantly the past couple of years.
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