question about roofs / cost - new construction.

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Hi, I am planning on building a home in a few years once I save up enough money. I am slowly thinking of the materials and types of construction. ( ICF walls, slab foundation, AAC ceiling (concrete panels). So next main goal is to decide which roof I am going to use. The house will only have one wall height for cost/labor reasons. House will be about 2700 square feet, with an unattached garage Metal roofs seem like a good choice. My question is: which is the most common choice for the frame / support beams. Is it metal support or the wood support? Given the ceiling of my home is concrete, so all the metal support is for the roof infrastructure and roof itself. Is there a “major price” difference? Is there a difference in longevity? I am planning on getting the slope of the roof to be the most economical. Metal beams / support seems to be a good choice? Thanks.
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