Metal roof attached to a shingle roof

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I am attaching a porch with a metal roof to an existing house with shingles. How do I make the transition in the valley to keep out water? Is there a certain size flashing that I use or is there a standard product available?
Nate Libbey
It depends on the type of metal roofing. I would check with the manufacturer. Generally there will be an "L" shaped flashing that goes over the lower metal roof and under the upper shingle roof. I have attached a simple drawing showing this. With metal shingles that might be all you need. With vertical metal panels there is sometimes a rubber or metal closure that goes between the ribs to seal the gap between them. Again, I would check with the manufacturer of your specific product to see what they reccomend.
Guest User
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Yes, thanks Nate.
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