Which roof is strogest in a hurrican,metal,tile or shingle?i

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We have a house built in early 70's which is only mildly pitchy. Right now we have a clay barrel tile roof on the house. Two of our barns have shingle roofs and two have metal. We think if we get a hurricane we will be losing the roof on the house and most likely a shingle roof on one of our concrete barns. Which is the strongest roof?? I always think the metal or steel roof looks better and is stronger on a newer house with a steeper pitch,rather then on a older house without alot of pitch. May I have your expert opinion please. Thanks Leslie
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Many of today's metal roofs meet the strictest wind ratings out there including Dade County. However, successful roof performance depends upon proper installation, no unusual structural movement, and even proper attic ventilation. Also, oftentimes in a hurricane roof damages are the result of windblown debris striking the roof.
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