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putting on metal roof...I have two round turbines that take air out of the attic..can I use them would I seal them?
Nate Libbey
It depends on the type of metal roof you go with. In most cases you can reuse the turbines, provided that they are in good shape. I would check with the manufacturer of your metal roofing to see what they reccomend. In some cases its better to do away with turbine vents and install a ridge vent instead. With many metal shingle types, you simply lap the lower edge of the flat bottom flange of the turbine over a lower course of metal shingles and then install the next course of metal shingles so that they overlap the top of the flat bottom flange of the turbine. This is very similar to the way you would install it over asphalt shingles. With vertical metal roofing it is a bit different. With standing seam you can sometimes make a slit in the panel, then slide the upper flat bottom flange of the turbine into it. But the best way with most vertical panels is to use a special pipeboot designed for vertical metal roofing. This pipeboot is silicone or EPDM rubber, and has a bendable aluminum flange all the way around the base. This allows it to conform to the panel ribs. It is installed over the vertical metal roofing panels. Here's some good info on how to install it: (copy and paste into your top address bar)
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Nate.
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