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Hello, I have looked all over for like 3-4 hours and cant find a good answer. Maybe you can help? I have a 1970's era 20x50 mobile home with like coated vinyl roof. It's been recoated/repaired so many times it is all cracking all over. I think it's original and just dead now. I want to DIY fix it and maybe get some more insulation value. The sheathing is drooping between trusses at the outsides and water puddles, so I dont think just rerolling vinyl or whatever will work well. It's a fairly low pitch like I'm guessing .5 / 12 or so. I was thinking something along the lines of running lots of 2x2's longways every 16 or 24 inches and setting 1 & 1/2" rigid insulation between them, over the top of the old vinyl roof, and then applying metal roofing over that. Can this be done that way or are there some other considerations like condensation issues or anything? Thanks in advance! Jeff Robinson
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I think that condensation is a concern. Adding some ventilation to this "space" so that moisture from inside the home does not rise and condense on the back of the metal is important. Or add a vapor barrier someplace. Metal roofing is low weight but I still do not know about the home's ability to handle this weight. Also, it sounds like you are still planning on a very low pitch roof. With metal, that requires a mechanically seamed standing seam rather than a snap lock type of panel.
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Hi, Hopefully I am not breaking any rules here...didn't find a FAQ for posting. Anyways, I also own a MH, check out Rem
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thank you.
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