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I live in a hurricane prone area. Category III are frequent, with an occasional Category IV as a real possiblity. Is the metal roofing comparable to asphalt shingles in a hurricane? What is the highest wind speed that these panels have been tested and passed? Is the metal roofing better than asphalt shingles in a hurricane?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Metal roofs are generally excellant in these situations. Once you chose a profile and a manufacturer I would ask to see their test data or building product approval report that indicates they have completed wind uplight and wind driven rain tests. Our Premium products as example have been tested by UL and carry a UL listing for wind. As well we have successfully completed the tests for Dade County Florida and Texas coastal areas. Most building departments ask for product approval reports in the high wind areas. Visit our web site for a listing of tets and reports on our products.
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