70 yr old barn roof repair/replacement

Peter Gilbert
Meredith and Me
So I've got a good idea what I need to do and would like some suggestions about how to do it. http://mkcooper.freddybeach.com/site/woodlands/index.html that link shows a lot of pictures of the barn roof. I plan on replacing roofing on 2 bays at a time each year. 10 years total to do both sides. That is all the time I have to devote to the project on a yearly basis. In the meantime there is water getting through now and I would like to tar the nail holes and panel seems as well as replacing nails that have been pushed out etc. All that is straight forward. What I need advice on is how to get up there. Right now I have a 24' wodden ladder with a home made ladder hook at the top over the roof peak. I use a 28' aluminum ladder to climb up onto it. Using the ladder to work off of, taring 2' at a time, then moving the ladder over seems like the only obvious method. The problem is that I'll spend as much time moving the ladder over as I will taring. Build wheels onto the ladder so it will roll sideways was one thought. Any other suggestions about how to work on the roof would be appreciated. Thanks, I look forward to hearing your responses. Pete
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Your thoughts are as good as I have ever seen. I would consider sealing the screws with a butyl or urethane sealant rather than tar.
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