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I have a noisy roof. (popping and creaking) Initially, I thought it was the green metal roof. That roof was attached using screws. I was told that it should be replaced with a standing seam using clips to allow for movement when the metal expands and contracts. (yes, I fell for the advice.) To my surprise when I had the old metal roof removed the noise still persisted even before the new metal roof was installed. Which brings me to my question. Can the insulation be causing the noise? I do not know who the manufacturer of the insulation is as the company who built my cabin in 1998 is no longer in business. I know the insulation is rigid batt and is styrofoam. There are no air vents as the layers are all sandwiched together leaving no room for air to move. Do you know of any remedies to this problem as it is very unpleasant. This is not about the noise produced by rain. The metal roof is on osb. Under the osb is the styrofoam insulation. Under the insulation is 2" T&G. This is held up with vertical trusses about 4 feet apart. Thank You, Mark A. Young Heber, Arizona 6600 ft. elev. 480.540.0533 Post Reply
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
It sounds like you have differential expansion and contraction going on and the insulation is squeaking. I would suggest contacting a manufacturer of SIP panels and seeking their input.
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