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Greetings All, I am about to replace my 40 year old roof. Would metal roofing be a consideration for use as a replacement on a flat town house type roof ? What is the minimum pitch required for the use of metal roofing materials ? This project will be a complete tear off of a 36x17 flat roof so the instalation can be done in any form needed to comply with the metal roofing material standards. If it can be used at all on a flat roof situation. Thanks in advance for any and all information in regards to this matter! M Kingsborough Sr.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Today they do not allow flat roofing of any type as they are doomed for failure. Why build a swimming pool on your roof? Todays code calls for a minimum slope of 1/4 in 12 even for the so called flat roofs. Probably you have a curbed roof and if so it is most economical to replace it with the same material. In England they are rebuilding all their old flat roofs with pitched roofs and of course metal which ads a new dimmension, curb appeal and value to the home. Your call.
Guest User
We have a combination a-frame with a flat roof extension over part of our patio. What can be done with the flat roof portion of our house. Could a metal roof be placed over the flat roof? Thanks, Boxcar
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are metal roofs which can be used as low as 1/4:12 pitch. However, the panels used for these very low pitch must be field-seamed after they are installed. These are the types of roofs used on large industrial buildings. For roofs of 2:12 pitch, there are standing seam roofs with sealant in the seams which can work very well. Another option would be hand-formed and soldered interlocking sheets.
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