shingle to metal transition

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We have a low sloped roof that has started leaking in one spot. We were thinking of having this covered with metal. How do you transition from the shingled roof. The shingled roof is well sloped and continues to the low sloped area. My concern is that by installing the ridged metal roof under the last row of shingles water travel under the shingles when the wind blows.
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J, You have a flashing made that transitions from the shingles over the metal. The flashing should go under the shingles a couple of rows and out over the metal a few inches. When I say a few it could actually be several inches depending on the different pitches. You want to go out over the metal far enough that you can get a good seal on your closure that goes between the panel and transition. The closure is to keep the water from getting blown back past the top of you panel.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Wade. I will add that it is critical to have the flashing high enough on the shingle roof that the flashing maintains a strong positive slope to it.
Aaron Scurlock
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And I would like to add that we will occasionally set the closures in a flexible poyurethane caulk in the same color as the metal to ensure that during thermal shock (experienced when hot roofing is suddenly rained on) does not allow water to blow in because of the sudden contraction. On low slope roofing, we like to see the closures set in polyurethane always.
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