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Big problem, gentlemen! I have a 30-year old camp in the Adirondacks that was essentially built as a post and beam; nominal 2" tongue and groove over rafters spaced six to eight feet apart. The roof is asphalt shingle over whatever rigid insulation existed 30 years ago; I don't believe that I have any air cirulatating as it should between the inside and outside of the house. Significant ice built up on the north edge of the roof this winter as we used the house most weekends, but the south-facing roof is a bigger problem as the roof extends over a screened porch and I have leakage through the roof of the porch where the snow melted, ran down the roof and froze on the porch roof. I'm thinking that my only solution is a roof over the existing which would keep the outside roof surface cold; finishing it in metal to shed some of the snow. Should I frame it w/ 2x material, insulate and provide air circulation from the roof overhang to the ridge? Sounds awfully expensive, but I don't know what else to do? Thanks for any help you can give me. Hal Brown
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I feel very strongly that your best bet at this point is to create a new roof over the existing roof, this one including a vented airspace. Because of the increased structural load, thouugh, I would not proceed without having a licensed structural engineer review the building and make recommendations.
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