Duane N
I have an old house that has been added on to several time. Mostly before building codes in this area. I am interested in putting a new metal roof over the shingled roof I have now. As I am doing this myself can I do it in pieces. By pieces I mean one side now then another side later like in the fall and next spring do another side? I need to do this because every time I start one project on this old house I run into 2 more projects I find needs done to complete the first project. Owner before me just patched problems without fixing them for the long term. As long as I place a ridge cap on the project when I finish that part will it be good till I do the next part? My east roof is the roof I need to deal with first. and it has a "wave" in it. I plan to place 30# felt over the old singles and use a 2X4's as my stripping till I get down to the front porch and use 1X4's on it. The porch does not have the pitch as the house roof has. In my mind I need to do this so the house roof over lap the porch for proper dainage. Will placing the 2X4's every 4 foot be OK? If placed correctly will this help take the wave out of the roof?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would check with your roofing manufacturer but I would say they should be spaced no more than 24" apart.
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