Getting Inspection to ensure roof will be warranteed by mfg

Guest User
How do I go about getting an inspection on a new Kynar 500 vert panel roof so I can be sure the manufacturer will warranty the product? (The contractor is still in process of installing) I read that manufacturers condition the warranty on the roof being installed correctly. I have called the company that the contractor purchased the panels from, and am waiting a call-back. Does the coil-coater provide part of the warranty and the panel maker another part? Can you explain how this works?
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
You should obtain a warranty from your installing contractor covering his workmanship. Your warranty from the manufacturer will cover potential product defects such as certain paint problems, cracking of the panels, and etc. (They in turn have a warranty from their paint and coating supplier.) They certainly want their product installed properly but I doubt they are warrantying the installation workmanship. They may have a field rep available who can come look things over.
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