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Hi Experts, I have a new construction project we are doing the design for and want to start with the roof and work down. This is located in an area with more average snow fall than anywhere in North America... I want a low pitch (4-12 or 5-12) roof becuase the spans are large and I want to control the height. I plan to make it a simple hip roof as valleys dont work. Roof shedding is important to control the amount of snow accumlated but with such a low pitch.. I would like to engineer a method of heating the roof to make it shed on demand. My question is what are all the options? What about energizing the entire roof with low voltage high current, to warm it up to force shed? [email protected] 925-283-5588
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Standard heat tape is available but there is also an under-roof heating method available today. You may wnat to check with your roofing manufacturer to see if they have it available. I cannot think of the name of it right off. Sorry. If I think of it, I will contact you. I would not suggest energizing the entire roof.
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