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Are there any issues, concerns or special installation requirements using metal roofing with roof mounted solar panels?
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I work in the solar field and I know some of your options. What size system are you planning? What type of roof do/will you have? Is it facing south? How close is the pitch to latitude? 1. Unisolar makes a thin film module that can be glued directly to a 16" or wider Standing Seam roof. The concern you may have with these is the heat build up. If the roof is mounted directly to the mass of the roof, the module will not be able to cool and the output will be degraded. Assume 2% loss per degree C. 2. For Standing Seam Metal roofs there are "S5" clips that sit over the standing seam with 2 set screw holding it to the seam. The modules are then bolted down on top of this. The concern you will have with this and all other solar panel type installations are wind loading on roof loading. 3. Any Solar Installation will have roof penetrations of for wire runs at a minimum. Make sure the solar installer understands how to work with a metal roof. 4. If you have a metal roof that is not Standing Seam, there are many different types of anchors to mount a solar system. Again, be sure the installer knows how to work with your roofing material. Or better yet, have your roofer come back and install the solar mounts. Then you are assured it is done correctly. 5. Solar system is warranted for 20+ years. Make sure you have a good roof under it so you will not need to bring it down to repair a roofing problem. NOTE: Removing and reinstalling a solar system is not a big deal and many installers will do this for a minimal fee, but it's better to plan ahead and not have to do it.
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