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My house was renovated about 12 years ago. We are FYI'ers. We have discovered that the way the roof was installed is causing a real leak problem. The original house was built with a slight V. The metal roof therefore has a slight inward turn on the back side. The ridge vent runs down the center, but the hip roof has one extra hip that is cause the problem on the inward turn. Hard to describe. I believe the metal panels were installed incorrect. In the inward turn of that roof, the panels were installed to run toward the nonventing ridge, sealed with silicon raingutter type caulk...recently discovered. Now it is causing obvious and bad leakage. The silicon has deteriorated, needing to be replaced. The slant of the panels is such that that one section HAS to run underneath the ridge cover and progress on down. THERE is where the leak is now occurring. So how do I repair it w/out having to totally redo my roof. I needs something to cover the connecting pieces at that ridge so that it does not leak, but would allow water flow past it. I'm thinking may have to insert something under it that I can then seal off. I can see how they tried to fix it, by having the upper layer slightly overlap the lower portion, but it leaves a gap. Can you help me? I can send pics, but just had a torrential downpour..yep, bad leak...
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Wow. As you know this is an incredibly odd roof situation. I would prefer to see the entire area re-done and flashed very differently. However, you might try a product called Peel and Seal and get it to help. It won't be real pretty though.
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From the end of the hip in the middle of the picture to the end of the hip to the right, there needs to be a valley. The panels from the hip in the center to the other hip (again to the right) need to be running towards the viewer of the picture and emptying into the valley.
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