Closure Failure and Replacement

John Leeper
I installed precut foam closures from Sealtite under Galvalume metal roof about 12 years ago. The Sealtite closure deteriorated after about 5 or 6 years and have pretty much dried up and blown away. I haven't sustained any leaks and everything still looks OK under the metal although there is an accumulation of leaves and pine needles. I wonder if the closures were really necessary. The pitiful fact is that the metal roof is in great shape, but now I am faced with having to unscrew the ridge vent and other transitions to reinstall closures. I don't want to do this every 4 years. Is there a closure that won't dry up and blow away that would match the long life of the metal roof? Galvalume had no suggestions and said they could only discuss their products. Unfortunately, the Galvalume is only as good as the closures that seal it. Of course, I have had no leaks. Maybe having 5 inches overlap is enough to prevent a problem. The metal roof is installed over an intact shingle roof. Even when a hurricane comes maybe the amount of water blowing under is not enough to cause damage. I don't see any signs of damage. So, am I stuck using the precut closures and tape. I saw a roll of memory foam closure that boasted UV resistance. I wonder if it would do better. I can't find another closure system, and the hardware store here doesn't have any idea. Please help. This is a real weakness in the metal roof system everyone uses around here.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If you are not having any negative issues such as leaks or bugs getting on without the closures, then I am assuming the closures were only for aesthetic purposes and you are okay without them.
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