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Is tri-flex 30 made by flexiacom in Canada a good underlay for a metal (steel) roof on plywoood? Should one install ice shield underlay on a metal roof? Does one need a fire rated underlay such as dens-deck or versashield under a metal roof. What is the general opinion of metalworks steel shingles?
Todd Miller
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Tri-Flex 30 is one of a new "breed" of polymer based underlayments. Others include RoofTopGuard, Titanium, and Sharkskin. These products are all touted by their manufacturers as being good for metal roofs. Because of the fact that they do not include any oils which might leach out and stick to the back of the metal roofing, they serve the dual purpose of being an underlayment and a slip sheet. The Metal Roofing Alliance is not in a position to specify or recommend certain products> I would suggest talking with the manufacturer of the roofing you choose and inquiring with them as to the suitability of Tri-Flex as an underlayment with their product. The uce of ice and watershields and fire-rated underlayments is dictated by building codes in certain areas. You need to make sure that you are adhering to all local and national codes. If you choose to go beyond the code requirements in your area, that is your choice. Additionally, check with the manufacturer of the roofing you choose as to their requirements and suggestions for underlayment. There is nothing specific to metal roofing as a whole which requires the things you ask about. Again, though, local building codes and manufacturers' instructions should be met. MetalWorks is a member manufacturer of the Metal Roofing Alliance. As such, they are agreeing that the products they produce meet the Guide Specification for Residential Metal Roofing published by Metal Construction Association.
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