keith summers
Hi: I have a remote cabin in Ontario. It is heated 6 to 7 times each winter for 2-3 days. Pitch varies from 3:12 to 12:12. Shortest length of panel is 16'. The existing roof is mineral face roll roofing over 30# felt over 2" rough sawn decking on log timbers. I plan to place 2'x8'x2" rigid foam between 2" x2" stringers nailed parallel to the ridge line with metal panels perpendicular on top of that. I plan to face the eaves and gable ends with 2" x 4" strips. This leaves a flat surface bounded by 2" lumber with 24" OC stringers for fastening. My questions: 1. Sound OK? 2. OK to leave the existing roll roofing in place? 3. Could I go to 48" OC stringers and increased space between fasteners? Thanks for any help you can offer
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Your original plan sounds good. Is there any ventilation there at all now?
Guest User
There is no insulation at all on the roof at this time. The plan is to have this sequence from the interior out: 2" rough sawn planking, existing 30# felt, existing mineral face roll roofing, 2" pink foam, metal roof panels.
Guest User
Keith, I would install an underlayment over the rigid insulation. We use stress plates to fasten the insulation and underlayment.
Guest User
Do you want the 3:12 sections to be "walkable?" Does it make any sense at all to run the 2x2s perpendicular to the ridge to facilitate ventilation? I just insulated a 2:12 roof with 3 1/2" rigid foam w/2x4s on edge @ 16o.c.. However, if you are only heating it a handful of times... your plan with 2" foam should yield R13?
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