metal roof rusting and the screws are rusting

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Do we need to replace our metal roof? it is around 14 years old and is not painted. We are nervous about the screws that are rusting. Can the screws be replaced and the rust removed or do we need to replace the roof? We would like a blue roof so we would want to paint the old one or get a painted one if it needs to be replaced.
Todd Miller
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Any chance you can send me photos? [email protected]
Dominic Chiricosta
You can coat your roof with a water based Industrial coating that has a rust inhibitor properties that will also seal your metal roof - N Nails stop from rusting further.Choose a coating that is High Impact and Resistant to extreme temperatures.This will prolong life of your roof - google roof coating - Roof-It
Aaron Scurlock
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A rust inhibiting primer with a high impact roof coating, like polyurea can solve your problems. If installed within the range before full cure, most exterior enamels will cross link with an aromatic polyurea. Versaflex has a system that is spec'd this way.
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Hey gang i am at the exact point in my parents home. i am going to go to the building mfg and get the number of screws i need called "OVerSize screws" you need to take ONE of the PRIMARY and STICH screws out and go to the mgf were u got the roof or anyone of them now a days. see the old 15 yr old roofs rubber gaskets were only good for 5 years. and your contract stated u would change em out.. no one does that. so after the seismic vibration of the earth backs em out a little.. the new gaskets are 50 year rubber now and lifetime.. we are going to pay a young man with strong back 300 bucks to do teh shed and the house over size screws. take the ole one out and put the same hole a new fat thread one in its place.. awe have total of 3k sq feet of decking. oh our screws were extra long ones too the PRIMarys that did the deck of the sheet.. the STich is fatter too.. but i call them shortys.
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